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March 2018
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Sukaratu Village, Cibolang Village and Cisanti Lake in Landscape Prosperity of Wayang-Windu Mountains West Java


(Presented in IFLA APR Congress, Lombok, 7 – 9 September 2015) 

Aprillia, Kusriantari Fenny1, Monthazeri, Rido2


¹ Master Student, Landscape Architecture Department, Bandung Institute of Technology

² Master Student, Landscape Architecture Department, Bandung Institute of Technology


Email: fenny.aprillia.90@gmail.com



South district of Bandung is a highland with many mountains, two of them there are Wayang Mountain and Windu Mountain. Cisanti Lake which located at the east side of Wayang Windu Mountains is a source of Citarum River. The river is used to fulfill water need of society in Bandung and surrounding areas. At the west side of Wayang Windu Mountains there are Sukaratu and Cibolang Village which is located at valley of the mountains with a great water surface and soil resources. Besides that there is a geothermal potential that is used by Star Energy Company as a power plant. Regardless of its potential and Cisanti Lake as an upstream of Citarum River must be preserved, there are several problems of environment which can be harmful for human and flora fauna habitats around Wayang Windu Mountains.

The disaster happens caused of human activity such as landslide, flood and sedimentation. All of them caused by land use changing from forest, riparian or tea gardens into agricultural land. Land use changing became agricultural land is carried out by residents to fulfil daily needs except their main profession as tea garden labourers. Besides that, water pollution which is caused by dirt of cows, agriculture and fishery activities bring the decreasing of water quality in the river. Hence, it becomes conflict between human needs and sustainable environment then finally all of those bring disaster which is caused by human itself.

The culture of farming, aquaculture and cattle breeding have become society’s livelihoods, but farming, aquaculture and cattle breeding which are not sustain causing environmental damage and affect the habitats of native flora fauna. Unsustainable agriculture was found in around of Cisanti Lake area causing landslide and flood can be resolved by the forest planting method which combines forest with agriculture in one site called agroforestry. People can plant vegetable without eliminates the functions of the forest itself. Unsustainable aquaculture by fish ponds was found in Sukaratu and Cibolang Village causing decline of river water quality. Residual of fish feed and chemical of medicine can pollute water of the river. Decreasing of river water quality can be resolved by natural water treatment using gravel, soil and aquatic vegetation which is placed in every pond. Unsustainable cattle breeding were found in Cibolang and Cibereum Village (near Cisanti Lake) causing water polluted by dirt of cows till decreasing quality of river water towards downstream. Building wetland near the cattle breeding is the solution to reduce water pollution. Wetland design uses multi layer system and horizontal flow model.


Keywords: Wayang-Windu Mountains, sustainable fishery, sustainable agriculture, sustainable cattle breeding, landscape prosperity

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International Tourist Preference to Increase Visitor of Bromo Mountain as Main Destination in Indonesia


(Presented in IFLA APR Congress, Lombok, 7 – 9 September 2015) 

Balqis Nailufar1, Nuraini2 , Ray March Syahadat3


1 Graduate School of Landscape Architecture, Bogor Agricultural University

2Departement of Landscape Architecture, National Institute of Science and Technology


E-mail of contact person : balqisnailufar@gmail.com




Indonesia has target to increased 10 million international tourist on 2015. Bromo as one of main destination in Indonesia, has role to reached the target. The aim of this study was to get information about international tourist preference of Bromo. The method that used was survey to 85 respondents from 35 countries. The data analyzed by descriptive statistic. To know the good view based on tourist preference, the data analyzed by scenic beauty estimation (SBE). Then, to know the tourist passion to visit Bromo, analyzed by McNemar Test. The results showed only 21,2% respondents that know Bromo. Good view of landscape was from Penanjakan 1. There were enhancement passion to visited Bromo after respondents looked the pictures of Bromo than after read the information about Bromo. Respondents needs toilet, safety, and local culture if they visited Bromo.


Keywords: scenic beauty estimation, McNemar test, landscape, tourism, tourist needs.

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The Management Concept of Mountain Based Destination Through Carrying Capacity Analysis in Situ Patenggang Nature Park, Bandung Region


(Presented in IFLA APR Congress, Lombok, 07 – 09 September 2015) 

Fitri Rahmafitria1, Ghoitsa Rohmah Nurazizah2

1Lecturer of Management Resort & Leisure Study Program – Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

2Lecturer of Management Resort & Leisure Study Program – Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


E-mail of contact person : rahmafitria@upi.edu




Bandung Region is famous for its mountainous forest landscape, and popular for its uniqueness of natural landscape and comfort climate. The tourism development in Bandung Region requires adequate natural space, to gain tourists satisfaction and environment sustainable. The increasing number of tourists and investments in the form of facilities and tourism infrastructure can lead to the decrease of land carrying capacity, especially if ignoring the concept of environmental friendly and sustainable management. Mountainous areas need a particular model of tourism management and it is not an easy task to do. On one hand, protection and preservation aspects become a main concern. On the other hand, the increasing number of tourists have become the main reason to explore the destination and gain material benefits from it. Thus, tourism management in mountainous areas has a vital function for the society and other inhabitants surrounding it (Arrowsmith et.al[1]; Dudley[2]).This study was conducted to determine the carrying capacity level in Situ Patengang Nature Park, Bandung Region. The study was based on the theory of Douglass[3] that “The use of excessive natural destination will lead to a reduction of tourism quality, and generally can reduce the quality of physical environment”. The data analysis was performed using the formula of carrying capacity which indicated by environment quality, the tolerance of nature resources, number of visitors, the use of nature resources and environment management. The analysis was used GIS as a tools to determine each thematic map and overlaying them to produce the carrying capacity map as the basic to develop a management concept of the area. Scoring technique based on weight standard is used to find the total score that indicate the area as low, medium or high carrying capacity. The analysis showed that the Situ Patengang Nature Park are dominated by the low carrying capacity area, medium quality of environment, high tolerance of natural resources, as well as low concentration of tourist activities, low benefits of natural resources, and low environmental management. The development concept of Situ Patengang Nature Park directed at 5 principles of ecotourism which lead to the creation of ecologically, financially, and socially sustainable activities. For the zoning, core zone should be place in high carrying capacity zones, service zone should be placed on medium carrying capacity zone, as well as buffer zone should be placed on low carrying capacity zone.


Keywords: mountain based destination, carrying capacity, natural tourism

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Kerajinan Daur Ulang dari Kota Bandung

Kerajinan Daur Ulang dari Kota Bandung

Hari Minggu, 30 Nopember 2014 ini berkesempatan berkunjung ke workshop Sartika Kreasindo di Komplek Bumi Panyileukan Blok G4 No 23 Bandung, yang dikelola oleh Ibu Lidia Sartika, atau yang biasa dipanggil Ibu Enang di lingkungan RW 06 Kelurahan Cipadung Kidul, Kota Bandung ini. Read More →